Why is lash lifting and tinting making such a buzz right now? Here's what you need to know. by Ui Takemasa

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One of the hottest trends right now is lash lifting and tinting.  It’s a great way to get more dramatic, fuller and curlier natural lashes without mascara or curling machines.

Not only are treatments simple and quick, but effects are long lasting as well.

Many people are opting for lash lifting and tinting to achieve a dramatic look whilst minimising their daily routine. Find out more in our detailed guide:

What are lash lifts and tints

Lash lift treatments use a procedure to shape and set your natural lashes. Sometimes referred to as a “lash perm”, the procedure enhances your own lashes, giving them curl, height and an overall increase in apparent volume.

In addition, many opt for a lash tint at the same time, to deepen the colour of your natural lashes, enhancing the overall effect.

What is the procedure?

Your lash stylist will discuss with you the unique shapes and styles recommended to suit your natural features, as well as the overall look you are hoping to achieve.  Like lash extensions, you control the look you are after – those with straighter lashes may opt for a more dramatic curl, or those with naturally curly lashes may look for a more flared style.

It all depends on the number of molding tools your stylist has on hand – and their experience.  While many stylists are content to only offer one or two designs, at UP®, its stylists are experts in achieving dozens of different designs.

Once your consultation is complete, your stylist will then begin the procedure, which involves shaping your lashes to the desired look, before setting them with a unique solution designed for use along the lash line.

If you have opted for a lash tint at the same time, your stylist run you through a range of tint colours before applying a lash-specific dye to your natural lashes. Colours can be adapted to give a natural look, right through to deep mascara tones. 

Unlike many others, the team at UP® also applies an advanced aftercare formula at the completion of your session.  This keratin-based product helps to eliminate frizzy hair whilst providing softness and shine to lashes.  Sunflower oil extracts and antioxidants also help protect the hair and provide longer lasting colour-stay results for lash tinting.

The entire treatment usually takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15, depending on the package you have selected.

How long do results last?

At UP®, lash lifting and tinting can last anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks.  This will depend on your the condition of your natural lashes, your individual lash cycle and your maintenance routine. 

Combine this with a lash serum such as Revitalash®, available at UP® here, and your results may last even longer. 

To find out more about how to get amazing, full and easy to maintain lashes, click here to arrange a time to visit the friendly and experienced team at UP®.

New to lash extensions?  Here’s 7 essential things you need to know before you book: by Ui Takemasa

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Many people are excited about the idea of lash extensions, but are afraid to make the leap as they don’t know what to expect! The good news is it’s easier than you think - we break it all down in this simple guide:

1.    How are lash extensions applied?

 Although there are a number of different products in the market (such as strip, flare or party lashes), professional lash providers like UP® (upsalons.com) apply individual lashes to each of your natural lashes. Different weights and curls are used to give different effects depending on the overall look you are hoping to achieve. 

2.    What are Volume or Russian lashes?

To achieve a Volume or Russian-lash look, multiple extensions are applied to each natural lash.  An experienced lash consultant will be able to explain the difference between “classic” and “volume” styles and the benefits of each based on the look you are after.

3. How many lashes are normally applied?

This depends on the look you are hoping to achieve and the number of natural lashes you have 

50-100 lashes per eye is a common range for Classic lashes; and 300-500 lashes per eye for Volume.

4.  How long does it take?

Again, this depends on the style you are after; the health of your natural lashes; and the number of lashes applied.

Typically 1.5 - 2.5 hours is common for new lash sets, or 1-1.5 hours for lash infills (see below).

5.  How often do I need to maintain my lash extensions?

Infill sessions are required to maintain your extensions, as your natural lashes go through their usual life-cycle.  The frequency of infill sessions depends on the speed of your usual lash life-cycle and your natural lash heath.

Typically, lash infills are required anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

6. Is it safe?

At UP®, safety and lash health is our number one priority. Every client receives a complimentary lash health check before every single treatment and UP® will not proceed with any treatment it considers to be unsafe or likely to lead to damage to your natural lashes.  We carry a range of products for those with allergies and sensitivities and have a lash rescue programme for damaged lashes. 

7.  How do I look after my lash extensions?

Keep away from water and steam/moisture for at least 4-5 hours on the day of your treatment.  Day to day you should avoid excessive sun or heat, or exposing your lashes to chlorinated or salty water for extended periods.  Use an oil-free make makeup remover around your eye area, and clean your lash line with a makeup removal sponge or towel (the ContourCleanse® range is recommended).  Brush your lash extensions after washing your face and sleep on your back if possible.

Ideally you should avoid mascara, tinting curlers, gel or liquid eyeliner for optimal lash health.

To find out more about how to get amazing, full and easy to maintain lashes visit arrange a time to visit the friendly team at UP® - contact us here

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why winter.jpg

1. Artificial heating and extremes in temperature can dry out your natural lashes and brows over winter.  To combat this, look for keratin-based treatments such as KRT-ONE, which aim to retain moisture in your natural lashes by improving the integrity of your hair.  Or tryRevitalash, a lash conditioner that protects against breakage while improving health, flexibility and strength during the cold months.  Find both at upsalons.com


2. Taking a break from mascara.  Studies say that mascara can badly dry out and damage your natural lashes. By avoiding mascara and opting for professionally applied lash extensions; lash tinting or lash lifts, you can ensure you are giving your natural lashes the best attention ever in the difficult winter months.


3. Getting that elegant winter look.  We love smouldering, intense lash designs and think they match perfectly with the moody winter season.  Plus, while we love wrapping up in something cosy (and often practical) during winter, we love how volume lashes can lend that touch of elegance when we need it!


4. Beating the winter blues.  We all need to take time out for ourselves, especially when it’s grim and miserable outside. Need a quick pick-me-up?  UP’s treatments start at just $35 for brow sculpting and $95 for classic lashes (subtle set) with a stylist.


5. Hacking your morning routine. Waking up and getting through your morning routine can be a real drag in winter.  UP’s lash extensions, lash lifts and semi-permanent brow treatments are all designed to help cut down on the morning routine, making sure you will always be looking your best, no matter the weather or how many times you hit the snooze button!


To find out more about how you can make the most of winter visit upsalons.com or email info@upsalons.com



Want to move to the next level, with the best lashes you have ever experienced?  We give you an inside look at how one of the top professionals deliver incredible results – and how you can maximise your look for a long-lasting effect.


1.   Ask your stylist to design a look that is best for you and the occasion.  

Not all lash designs are created equal.  A skilled stylist can create dramatically different looks that suit your personality and occasion.  Choose a bold look for that special event, a natural look for everyday wear; a smoky sexy look for that first date or a dramatic, show-stopping look for your wedding day.


2.   Choose a look that is right for your natural features.

An experienced lash stylist will understand how to enhance your eye design based on your face type and your unique features. Celebrate your special characteristics, ethnicity and personal style by tailoring a look that is as unique as you.


3.   Keep your natural lashes healthy, for ultimate longevity of your extensions. 

Avoid excess sun, chlorinated or salt water, or heat. If you are travelling somewhere warm on your holidays make sure to tell your stylist and put a programme in place to help!


4.   Refresh your lash extensions regularly.

Keep your natural lashes in the best condition by getting a full removal and new set every 6 months! Take advantage of lash lift and tinting treatments before applying your new set and look forward to even fuller and bolder looking lashes.


5.   Avoid harmful products that can damage your lash extensions.

Mascara, oil-based cleansers, liquid eyeliners and other oil-based cosmetics can all damage your lash extensions and reduce their longevity.  We love oil-free products like CONTOUR CLEANSE micro-foam along with their makeup removal towel and sponge range.


6.   More is sometimes less.

 A skilled stylist will know that longer lashes, and more of them, are not always better.  You can create a bigger impact by choosing the right design for you. Fewer lashes with a range of lengths, curls and thicknesses will create a bolder, more natural look – and will be more likely to last.


7.   Book in for regular and frequent infills.

 Regular infills will help you maintain a consistent look and will actually enhance the longevity of your extensions by looking after your natural lash health.  It is also a great opportunity for your stylist to check your lash condition and make any adjustments necessary.

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