Want to move to the next level, with the best lashes you have ever experienced?  We give you an inside look at how one of the top professionals deliver incredible results – and how you can maximise your look for a long-lasting effect.


1.   Ask your stylist to design a look that is best for you and the occasion.  

Not all lash designs are created equal.  A skilled stylist can create dramatically different looks that suit your personality and occasion.  Choose a bold look for that special event, a natural look for everyday wear; a smoky sexy look for that first date or a dramatic, show-stopping look for your wedding day.


2.   Choose a look that is right for your natural features.

An experienced lash stylist will understand how to enhance your eye design based on your face type and your unique features. Celebrate your special characteristics, ethnicity and personal style by tailoring a look that is as unique as you.


3.   Keep your natural lashes healthy, for ultimate longevity of your extensions. 

Avoid excess sun, chlorinated or salt water, or heat. If you are travelling somewhere warm on your holidays make sure to tell your stylist and put a programme in place to help!


4.   Refresh your lash extensions regularly.

Keep your natural lashes in the best condition by getting a full removal and new set every 6 months! Take advantage of lash lift and tinting treatments before applying your new set and look forward to even fuller and bolder looking lashes.


5.   Avoid harmful products that can damage your lash extensions.

Mascara, oil-based cleansers, liquid eyeliners and other oil-based cosmetics can all damage your lash extensions and reduce their longevity.  We love oil-free products like CONTOUR CLEANSE micro-foam along with their makeup removal towel and sponge range.


6.   More is sometimes less.

 A skilled stylist will know that longer lashes, and more of them, are not always better.  You can create a bigger impact by choosing the right design for you. Fewer lashes with a range of lengths, curls and thicknesses will create a bolder, more natural look – and will be more likely to last.


7.   Book in for regular and frequent infills.

 Regular infills will help you maintain a consistent look and will actually enhance the longevity of your extensions by looking after your natural lash health.  It is also a great opportunity for your stylist to check your lash condition and make any adjustments necessary.

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