UP® Classic Lashes

At UP® our Classic lash extensions are perfect for clients that are new to lash extensions or for clients that want a subtle addition to their own lashes.  Many of our clients simply love UP’s classic lashes as an alternative to mascara.

We provide between 50 to 90 lashes per eye, working with our clients' natural eye shape, their tone and complexion and the ultimate look they are hoping to achieve. 

This option provides exceptional ease-of-wear and beautiful results no matter the age of our client or their previous experience with lash extensions. 

UP® Volume Lashes

Our unique UP® Volume lashes are at the pinnacle of lash augmentation technology, using techniques and products developed specially for and by UP® at an International level.

Using between 300 and 500 super fine UP® lash extensions per eye, these lashes provide a wow factor for any special occasion, event or wedding, but are versatile enough to be worn every day.

A number of our clients also seek out UP™ Volume lashes to assist where their original lashes have been lost or damaged for health or other reasons.

UP® Lash Tint & Lift

We also provide a lash tinting service. This is a great option to pump up the intensity of your own natural lashes, thereby extending the impact of your extensions to create a dark, seamless look.

Our lash lift is great for clients who have naturally long lashes but need a little lift to open up the shape of their eyes. We often augment lash lifts with complementary eyelash extensions between 2 and 3 days after treatment, when desired.

UP® Party Lashes

These lashes are designed for our on-the-go clients who demand a quick but high-impact look for parties, events, fun occasions and more.

Designed with these clients in mind UP® party lashes use a special glue to support maximum lash application and ease of removal (or re application) at the end of their 2 week life span.