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Microblading is a form of semi-permanent make-up applied just beneath the skin. Using fine hand-drawn strokes to simulate the appearance of individual hairstrokes, the technique provides a natural, seamless look to enhance your existing brows.  Unlike traditional brow “tattooing” techniques, our microblading system uses manual tools and techniques designed to provide natural, customisable results. 




Microblading process at UP

Microblading treatments are provided in 2 instalments to ensure a long-lasting bold look. Consultations available for all treatments.

The first session is similar to typical brow shaping treatments - measurements are taken to determine symmetry and the most natural shape for your face. Numbing gel is applied after first set of strokes to achieve best results. This session can take up to 2.5 hours.

The second session is typically due within the first month and includes further consultation to check colour and density of previous application. Strokes are reapplied and fine adjustments are made as required. 

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Q, How long will my brows last after microblading?

A, Our brows are designed to be semi-permanent, to allow clients flexibility with their designs.  Longevity of brows will depend upon a range of factors, including skin type, clients' exposure to sun, aftercare practices and certain medications, but typically between 10-12 months for normal skin or 6-8 months for oily skin.

Q, Does it hurt?

A, Clients have different responses to our microblading treatments, but most find it completely manageable.  Topical anaesthetic in the form of cream or liquid is applied with all treatments, which can in many cases entirely eliminate any pain during treatment.  

Q, How do I book?

A, Click here to arrange your consultation and booking, or email info@upsalons.com for more information.

Always have a consultation before the treatment if you:

Have problematic skin

Have serious health problems

Take Medication

Have existing old permanent make-up on your eyebrows


UP Microblading

Microblading Consultation $40

Microblading 1st Session $270

Microblading 2nd Session $270 

Yearly touch up $250


UP Ombre

Microblading + Powder finish (Ombre) Consultation $40

Microblading + Powder finish (Ombre) 1st Session$370 

Microblading + Powder finish (Ombre) 2nd Session $370

Yearly touch up $350

Microblading Removal

Removal Consultation $40

Removal session from $125