UP® Classic Lashes

New to UP® or New set

 Classic Lashes             Stylist/Senior

  UP® Classic Trial             $55/$65

  UP® Classic Subtle         $85/$115

  UP® Classic Bold           $115/$145

  UP® Classic Full            $145/$175

<In-fill> within 4weeks

Classic infill                 Stylist/ Senior

Basic                              $65/$85

Standard                        $95/$115

Plus                              $125/$145

UP® Volume Lashes

New to UP® or New set

 Volume Lashes               Stylist/Senior

 UP® Volume Subtle           $135/$165

 UP® Volume Bold              $165/$195

 UP® Volume Full               $195/$225

 UP® Volume Mega                 POA  

<In-fill> within 4weeks

Volume infill                   Stylist/Senior

Basic                                 $75/$95

Standard                           $105/$125

Plus                                   $135/$155

UP® Treatments

Lash lift $95

Lash Spa™  $130

Lash tinting $30

Brow tinting $20

Brow sculpting(wax) /with Henna   $30/$65

UP® Tori (Lash tint, brow tint &sculpting) $65

Lash removal $25/15min

UP® MakeUP

Makeup $135

Eye & Brow makeup $65

Eye & Brow makeup lesson $95 (include Brow Pencil)

UP Microblading

Microblading Consultation $40

Microblading 1st Session $270

Microblading 2nd Session $270

Yearly touch up $250

UP Ombre

Microblading + Powder finish (Ombre) Consultation $40

Microblading + Powder finish (Ombre) 1st Session$370 

Microblading + Powder finish (Ombre) 2nd Session $370

Yearly touch up $350

Microblading Removal

Removal Consultation $40

Removal session from $125